Masks rule! New video from ‘Go Back To The Zoo’

Drawing inspiration from both The Beatles and The Stones, to contemporary artists such as The Strokes and Kings of Leon, these beasts throw a great party for every rocker with a weak spot for pop melodies.

ZXZW 2008 Act ‘Go Back To The Zoo’ released a new video.

Masks rule!


Optimus Prime Noisefest



20:30    Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL)
20:42    Cock Cobra (NL)
20:54    Kaiserschnee (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
21:06    Swartvit (NL)
21:18    Kristus kut (NL)
21:30    Doornen (NL)
21:42    Weird Dust (BE)
21:54    Klitink (NL)
22:06    Odal (NL)
22:18    City Hands (NL)
22:30    Brown Jenkin (NL)
22:42    Kamloops (NL)
22:54    Horacio Pollard (UK)
23:06    Sean Barrett (US)
23:18    Cementimental (UK)
23:30    Political Necroshemalebob (UK)
23:42    Rinus van Alebeek (NL/DE)
23:54    Koroshiya (US)
00:06    Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
00:18    Blue Shift (US)
00:30    Kakawaka (DE) (ZXZW 2008)
00:30    DJ Bart Hard / DJ Holmen

01:00    END TIME

KnittaPlease to invade Brooklyn Heights after dark

KnittaPlease (Who beautified Tilburg at ZXZW 2008) is excited to annouce:

69 Meters

A public art installation commissioned by the
Montague Street Business Improvement District.

Magda Sayeg, celebrated textile artist and founder of the original knit
graffiti crew KnittaPlease, has tagged everything from city buses to the
Great Wall of China.  On May 13th, KnittaPlease will join forces with NYC’s
community of knit enthusiasts to invade Brooklyn Heights after dark,
tagging every parking meter in the business district.

Wake up Thursday, May 14th, to sixty-nine meters of
knitted cozies along Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights.

Black metal school and babes!

Of course we need to update you now and then about the recent developments in one of zxzw 2008‘s central genres: black metal.

So above you can see a couple of russian schoolkids giving their best trying to convert their fellow classmates to the unholy path (including an acoustic guitar. )

And below you find a compilation (see more here) of what it looks like when women wear corpsepaint.


blackmetalbarbie21Scared? You can relax here with normal dutch girls.

Win: Incite/ / Funckarma @ Nieuwe Nor tickets!

Incite/ (ZXZW 2008) is the Hamburg-based experimental audiovisual electronics duo of Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier.
Mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual art with dynamic distorted idm-beats, incite/ are criss-crossing artand club worlds, creating intense experiences for ears and eyes.
Duo centric chemistry and most precise audiovisual imageneering in total sync with bone-dry fragmented idm-grooves and broken rhythmic arrangements makes up the unique quality of incite/.

We give away 3×2 tickets for the (H)EAR XL evening on Friday April 17th at Poppodium Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen via our newsletter. The line-up includes Incite/, Funckarma and Nowy.

To win tickets, register for our newsletter on You won’t regret!