Pirate Party in the European Parliament

Pirate Party

The Piratpartiet (dutch link) (Pirate Party) got 7.1% of the Swedish voters behind them for the European Elections. This will result in one seat in Brussels, and one more when the organizational reorganization of the EU will take place later this year.

Piratpartiet wants sweeping reform of copyright law and an end to patents. The party says membership soared from 14,711 to 36,624 in just a few days (BBC). It was started when police raided the houses and servers of The Pirate Bay, the world’s leading torrent site. Read more about the troubles surrounding the Pirate Bay elsewhere on this blog.


Win: 2×2 Bidi-Bookings anniversary (Dÿse and more) @ W2 Den Bosch tickets

You can rock on your own, with a beatlesque four or just with two mofo’s. Less is more, you know. Dÿse (on Myspace) is a two-man band, formed in the Spring of 2003 and named after the Dysecatmotel in Amsterdam where they’d first met. It began as a fun, drunken side project for Jari Rebelein and André Dietrich who wanted a new musical challenge and a chance to write songs with no limitations. They did some massive touring the past years, the response to the shows was overwhelming as audiences everywhere were blown away by this unique, energetic and incredibly entertaining duo. Think punk meets hardcore meets powerrock or Lightning Bolt light, as some might say.

You could have seen them at ZXZW 2007, but on May 23rd they’re performing at the 7,5 years anniversary of Bidi-Bookings, the great Tilburg booking agency.

Also performing are Astrosoniq, Gomer Pyle (as seen at Roadburn 2009), The Liszt and Duffhuës.

We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for this event on Saturday May 23rd at W2 Den Bosch!

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first two contestants will win two tickets!

Good luck!

Win: 5×2 Blingo! @ Worm tickets


We at ZXZW give away 5 x 2 tickets for Blingo! at Worm Rotterdam on May 16th!

“We nemen je mee op een geheel verzorgde wereldcruise waarbij het aanwezige animatieteam voor een rijkelijk gevulde programma vol spel, film, dans en entertainment zorgt. Tijdens de reis zullen we meerder malen aanleggen in de havens van een aantal welbekende belastingparadijzen om daar een goed feestje te bouwen: op het Isle of Man met Douster, Ted Langenbach en Urbi et Orbi en op de Maagdeneilanden wordt het tropisch met DJ Polyesta en Vince the Prince. Maar dat is nog lang niet alles! Verwacht een dol dwaze multi-avond met onverwachte gebeurtenissen en veel ballen.”

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first five(!) contestants will win two tickets!

Win: 3×2 Bonaparte @ Effenaar tickets

Bonaparte (ZXZW 2009) is one of a kind. Calling it weird would not even start to cover this freak show. But when you add words like interesting, spectacle, happy and circus Bonaparte gets a little more tangible. This new superheroes of the indie underground stop in Tilburg on Tuesday, so make sure you do not have to work on Wednesday morning. Because then you will still struggle to shut your amazed eyes, have stomach aches from laughing, and will not be able to get their catchy tunes out of your head.

We give away 3×2 tickets for the concert of Bonaparte on May 24th at Effenaar, Eindhoven!

How you participate? Register to our Newsletter via www.zxzw.nl (on the left side of your screen, just below the menu). All details will follow in the next ZXZW Newsletter, send out next Monday…

Win: 2×2 Psychedelic Party Queensday @ W2 tickets

You missed US Christmas at Roadburn Festival last weekend? Damn, you must feel really bad.. They were doing great! Well, on April 30th, Queensday in The Netherlands, the band will be back at the Psychedelic Party in W2, Den Bosch.

The full line-up of the day:
U.S. Christmas + Oceana Company + Connan Mockasin +Woodwards + The Surs + Spencer Edgards (solo)

We give away 2×2 tickets for this event on April 30th at W2 Den Bosch!

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first two contestants will win two tickets!

Good luck!

Generation Bass keeps on moving the masses


Generation bass: Cool parties with hot music and smoking dance programme at ZXZW 2009. But it is most visible as a weblog that keeps on attracting lots and lots of people interested in sunny beats.

Today they will be welcoming their 50.000th visitor, and it could be you winning all those nice prizes:

Hey guys & girls, we are expecting our 50.000th visitor today to GENERATION BASS!!! yeah! Not bad for a blog that’s been online for about 2 months! If we were an artist in Holland we’d get a gold records now :-) So leave comments! I’ll try to determine who is the 50.000th and he/she will get a special prize.

Not only a shirt, cd’s and other goodies, but also a special REMIX for you by SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE. You choose the song and you will become THE OWNER of the remix. You can decide what you want to do with it, it’s all on you baby! This remix will not be posted here (unless you want to) but can also go on your own blog/profile/whatever exclusively… So leave a comment when you drop in and WIN WIN WIN!

Good luck!

Win! 3×2 Generation Bass-A-Thon Day 1 @ 013


On this years ‘Koninginnenacht’, the Dutch expression for the evening before April 30th the date our former queen was born, there will be a very cool party in Tilburg, and we are giving away tickets, so YOU can be there too!

The line-up includes AC Slater, DMDN and Rebel Up! Soundsystem.

We give away 3×2 tickets for Generation Bass-A-Thon Day 1 on April 29th in 013 Tilburg!

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first three contestants will win two tickets!

Good luck!