Watain fires

With the Watain performance we broke the record of highest flames in 013. Beat this!


Funeral Goat added

Sorry guys, but we wanted to add some more black metal to our extensive black metal program including Peter Beste’s Norwegian exhibitiont and bands like Watain, black anvil, Bunkur, The Devil’s Blood and Burial Hex. That’s why we added Funeral Goat. Von-like black metal duo from the grimm nether regions of Tilburg.

Black Metal

this is satanic black metal!
this is satanic black metal!

As you might know, ZXZW hosts a very grim and frostbitten “Black Arts” program this year. We have a photo exhibition of Peter Beste, live show by Watain, and visual arts bij Erik Smith amongst others. Unfortunately, Glorior Belli, who were scheduled to play ZXZW, had to cancel since they are touring with Impiety an Spearhead in september. Jim, know from acts such as Urfaust and The Devil’s Blood, has put up a show for these bands in Arnhem on september 3rd. Go check it out, and spread the word about the ZXZW Black Arts program!

80 artists confirmed

We’re on the right track and already booked 80 of the more than 200 artists performing on ZXZW.
Some special announcement will be on this blog soon!

Here are the latest additions:



Koonda Holaa (with Iggy and The Stooges member Steve MacKay)

Religious Knives

Gala Drop

The full line-up ’till now:
Pelican, Sun Ra, Paint It Black, Watain, Torche, FFF, Guapo, Trash Talk, Ebola, Lakes, Usurper, LFO Demon, Pulling Teeth, Glorior Belli, Schlammpeitziger, Pisstank, Pre, Z’ev, Electric Kettle, Ambassador 21, Enablers, Manatees, Religious Knives, Computer Truck, Bunkur, Ladyscraper, Munch Munch, Eva Braun, Starving Weirdos, Hey Colossus, DJ Floorclearer, Chris Moss Acid, Gastón Arévalo, Agents Of Abhorrence, Talibam!, The Pharmacy, Kid Kishore, Tep, Night Wounds, Tigrova Mast, Aguynguerran, Judith Priest, Ladycop, Radio Eris, Kylie Minoise, Gewapend Beton, Tapage, Peeesseye, Potop, Arquettes, Tortuga, Fractional, Speedranch, Throats, Penguins Know Why, This Leo Sunrise, Incite, Nackt Insecten, Bram Stadhouders & Onno Govaert, James Kumo, Pilgrim Fathers, Neurosis Orchestra, Trouble vs. Glue, Throne Of Katharsis, Black Napkins, Koonda Holaa, F.M.G. , Jack Beauregard, Ars Dada, De Haan/Spruit, Punt Uit, Botborg, 7 That Spells, Gala Drop, Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull, Company Fuck, Håvard Volden/Daniel Meyer Grønvold duo, Total System Failure, Pessariüm, Nanostrike