Major festival update on 3VOOR12 tomorrow!


Tomorrow, the Dutch website 3VOOR12 will publish a major update on the festival. There’re some nice things coming up.

Be sure to check 3VOOR12 tomorrow at noon 🙂 It’ll be worth it.


ZXZW Line-update !

Lots of new artists and events are added to the schedule the last days. This includes the full Kraaklink program and a very special event of the performance by Wardruna.

Here’s the full list of lately confirmed artists:


Andrew Keen

Bodi Bill


I Love Sarah


Cathy van Eck

Aart Strootman

Esra Pehlivanli

Tetsuya Hori

Jan Willem Troost

Sax & Sticks

Stian Westerhus

We’re always looking for more artists. Please give us tips via getsatisfaction/zxzw or and we’ll check it out!

LouLou and Tummie ‘solo’ exposition


LouLou and Tummie have a ‘solo’ exposition about their work (canvas, prints, shirts, posters and toys) at Subwalk in Arnhem till July 30th 2009.

They will give a lecture there on their work, Friday 26th of June around 20:ooh.

And for the first time they will show samples of their new pluche characters called ‘The Tummie Friends’!

On the Taipei Toy Festival in Taiwan these pluches will be released on July 9th 2009.

Toffe Tagen in Tilburg


Woensdag 10 juni

Generation bass: DJ RUPTURE + ANDY MOOR, Saxixa, Sonido del principe bij 013, begint om 21.00 en kost 5 euroflappen.

Vrijdag 12 juni

OPTIMUS PRIME NOISEFEST III, Doornen (NL), Kakawaka (DE), OMS NMA (BE), Odal (NL), Belch (NL), Harshcore (IT), Cock Cobra (NL), Svartvit (NL), Cementimental (UK), Manuel Padding (NL), Stompboxer (NL), Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL), Horacio Pollard (UK), Shaun Barrett (US), Kevin Shea (US), Brown Jenkin (NL), Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL), Rinus van Alebeek (DE), Kamloops (NL), Droise (JP), Kristus kut (NL), Klitink (NL), The Jim Morrisons (NL), Koroshiya (NL), Political Necroshemalebob (AU), Blue Shift (US) bij de 013, begint om 20.00 en kost 5 euroflappen.

Zaterdag 13 juni
HORROR AT THE T, 3 films van David Cronenberg o.a. Scanners bij kunstpodium T, begint om 20.00 en is gratis.

So you know what to do this week(end)!

Optimus Prime Noisefest



20:30    Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL)
20:42    Cock Cobra (NL)
20:54    Kaiserschnee (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
21:06    Swartvit (NL)
21:18    Kristus kut (NL)
21:30    Doornen (NL)
21:42    Weird Dust (BE)
21:54    Klitink (NL)
22:06    Odal (NL)
22:18    City Hands (NL)
22:30    Brown Jenkin (NL)
22:42    Kamloops (NL)
22:54    Horacio Pollard (UK)
23:06    Sean Barrett (US)
23:18    Cementimental (UK)
23:30    Political Necroshemalebob (UK)
23:42    Rinus van Alebeek (NL/DE)
23:54    Koroshiya (US)
00:06    Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
00:18    Blue Shift (US)
00:30    Kakawaka (DE) (ZXZW 2008)
00:30    DJ Bart Hard / DJ Holmen

01:00    END TIME

Special: Neurotic Deathfest (Part 5 of 5)


Since Neurotic Deathfest is taking place in our beloved Tilburg today and tomorrow, we dedicate this week’s special to this very cool death metal festival!

The pic above is of Behemoth. But since they get already enough attention, we focus on other bands. So just before it all starts two bands; one famous, one not yet: both deserving attention.

Not Yet: Human Mincer from Spain.

Famous: Unleashed from Sweden (but you knew that already).

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