Marshall Allen turned 85!

We wish Sun Ra’s Arkestra bandleaderMarshall Allen “one of the most distinctive and original saxophonists of the postwar era” a very happy 85th birthday. The bandleader of the fabulous Sun Ra Arkestra, which you have seen at ZXZW 2008 ofcourse.


Torrent Tuesday – Sun Ra movie!

The spectacular performances of the Sun Ra Arkestra will be remembered for a long time by those happy enough to have witnessed one or more of the 6 perfomances they gave at ZXZW 2008.

On this cool blog you can find several very interesting jazz downloads, and also the most famous movie of Sun Ra: Space is the Place.

A short summary of Space is the Place:
A jazz innovator for decades, Sun Ra created a sound that could easily have come from his home planet–Saturn. The legend around Sun Ra is bizarre and complex, and it’s one element in John Coney’s insane 1974 film SPACE IS THE PLACE. Conceived as a vehicle for Sun Ra and his music, the film blends 1950s sci-fi, ’70s Blaxploitation, and Ingmar Bergman’s THE SEVENTH SEAL in an intense, provocative mix.

Check it out.

SUN RA ARKESTRA live at the Paradox cd!

In+ Out Records are an Austrian Jazz label, which released record by all the great names in contemporary jazz. They’ve just release a new cd from Sun Ra Arkestra live at Paradox. The liner notes say this: As “Artists in Residence”, the Arkestra performed on five evenings at the Paradox Music Club from September 15th to 20th. Each of these concerts appeared to be a Big Bang. Live at the Paradox was recorded on the very last evening of this memorable concert series, combining jazz history and immortal myth.” Buy your record here.