Wobble trouble: GG Allin doll


GG Allin

“This ghoulish effigy is a striking representation of GG ALLIN circa 1991. The figure, limited to 2000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Displayed in a tri-windowed box, here GG is accurately sculpted right down to the tattoos, blood, and filth.”

Tesco Vee

“Is there anyone in punk rock that deserves to be so offensively animated, than Tesco Vee of the Meatmen, in this limited edition Throbblehead? This rockin’ figure is limited to 1000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Displayed in a tri-windowed box, here Tesco is accurately sculpted right down to the ABBA pants and clogs.”

You can get them here.


Artist Exposed: ON


The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

ON will play Friday 18th of September.

ON is a hardcore band from Seattle, featuring members of Champion, Go It Alone and other well-known hardcore punk outfits. With their positive attitude these guys have something to say about Western society these days but without blaming everyone except themselves.

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Special: Cool cover versions: the Beatles (Part 5 of 5)

This week you can wake up to some cover versions to get you kickstarted!

And last but not least this week, why not do some Beatles covers.

the Beatles – A day in the life: covered by hardcore punk band Ramallah is to be seen above. For those of you that think that’s too loud or punk or something check out this instrumental Jeff Beck rendition.

And to top it off two ‘Helter Skelter‘ cover versions:

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It’s not easy being independent :)


Green Day is seriously in danger of being labeled themselves by their previous album title: American Idiots.

The wannabee-punk-band-turned-out-to-be-boy-band have signed a world exclusive deal with media dictator Murdoch‘s Sun newspaper to stream 21st Century Breakdown, the Californian trio’s latest album aptly titled “21st Century Breakdown”.

The Guardian had this to say about it all:

In the title track (American Idiot, ed.) the band mocked the media parade, imploring listeners to “do the propaganda”, to “sing along to the age of paranoia”. But as Joe Strummer once said, he who fu…sorry, fraternises with nuns “will later join the church”. This certainly seems to be the case with Green Day.

Read the whole article here.

He likes fishing. He likes punk. He likes womensclothing.

Frank, the guy that makes sure everything actually takes place at ZXZW, likes to go fishing to pass his spare time.

He also plays in one of the most infamous punk bands ever to come out of the Netherlands: The Spades. Apparantly he likes to dress in womensclothing as well. So now he has combined those last two hobbies for our enjoyment: in the Spades music video above. (He is the redhead (for the viewers) on the left side of the stage).

We love it, like we love him… Have a great weekend!

Special: Oi! punk Weekendbreak with Blitz

All you great ZXZW Blog followers checked out the Oi! Special we had last five days, isn’t it? It was quite succesful and we were not able to give you all tips we’d like to give you, so we decided to release a weekendspecial on it.

This is the final blog in this special and we can’t stop without highlighting Blitz. Now we can finally celebrate the latest few hours of our weekend. Cheers!!!