Shepard Fairey


We all know the illustration above don’t we? Yes, we do!

Designer Shepard Fairey also made some other very cool posters:

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Che loves Obama also

obamacheobamaChe is one hip dude! And Obama is too! Only the white hairy arms scare me a bit… Obama needs to get out of the white house more I think.

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Berlusconi knows how media work

berlusconiOnce again Berlusconi shows he knows how the media work and how his public image can be put forth in a positive way. At least  in his home country. He managed to get between Obama and Medvedev on the G20-top for the final fotoshoot, and, although he had done virtually nothing constructive that meeting, managed to get his photo taken as if he was the great mediator between the ‘old enemies’, the US and Russia.

Probably the most talked about photo or even happening on that whole event. Even we take time and space to help Berlusconi get free publicity.

So just watch and learn.