Classical played classics

Yeah, Metallica on celli is old news: everybody checked Apocalyptica, and most of us moved on. But here’s something new and fresh: Harptallica!

But beware! They do not only play Metallica covers, Megadeth’s ‘A tout le monde’ can also be spotted on their myspace.


Things we could have done today but didn´t

– Announce the festivals relocation to next-door metropolis Oss.
– Write that Mojo had bought itself into our organization.
– Faking to have contracted Metallica for ZXZW (they played in Rotterdam last Friday)
– Welcome a new artistic director: The Dutch celebrity Adje:
Adje, Dutch local hero

Universal records is lying on Jimmy Alter

There’s a website called Jimmy Alter. They are “the community for new and alternative” music. They are a source for Festivalinfo in rumours about Coldplay, Jay Z, The Killers, Fall Out Boy and Tokio Hotel playing at Lowlands. Jay Z, The Killers, Fall Out Boy and Tokio Hotel are signed by Universal. Hey wait! Jimmy Alter also has news on Universal bands like Alter Bridge, Aerosmith and Metallica . Hey wait, they are just working for Universal. Hey wait. Universal is a major. And majors always lie.