Festival De Affaire completes line-up


For coming Festival de Affaire 18 juli 2009 – 24 juli 2009 in Nijmegen they have finished the line-up.

It looks great, so you can expect a ‘de Affaire special’ on our blog coming weeks.

Our recommendations (with help of our new trainee: Peter):

TV Buddhas (ZXZW 2008)
De Anale Fase (ZXZW 2009)
The Dodos
Amenra (ZXZW 2006)
St. Vincent
Sleepy Sun
Howlin’ Rain
Portugal. The Man
Squares On Both Sides

so there’s a lot to look forward too.


ZXZW Line-Updates May 22nd: Soap&Skin and more added

82. That’s the number of artists confirmed for ZXZW 2009 yet. We’re on our way to the first hundred!
Early Bird tickets are still on sale. Get them here with discount!

These are the eight artists added to the schedule the last 7 day’s:


DJ DistortedChaos


Anything Maria

Virgin Passages

Blues Control

Tropa Macaca

De Anale Fase

We’re still looking for more artists. Please give us tips via getsatisfaction/zxzw or last.fm and we’ll check it out!

ZXZW Line-Updates !

We’ve already told you a few day’s ago the presale of Early Bird tickets is going well, so be quick to save those few euro’s.

At the moment, 74 artists are confirmed. These are the artists added to the schedule over the last week:

Ashtray Navigations

Dj Umb

Gin Palace

Mikix The Cat




Sheik Anorak

The Risque

Alabaster Suns

We’re still looking for more artists (duh, we have more than 150 more to confirm!). Please give us tips via getsatisfaction/zxzw or last.fm.

Neurotic Deathfest line-up complete

Indoor metal fest Neurotic Deathfest (May 29-30  2009, at 013) have completed their line-up with the addition of Behemoth and God Dethroned.

The killer line-up brings thirty-six bands to Tilburg including: Behemoth, Entombed, Aborted, Vital Remains, The Acacia Strain, Unleashed, Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Brutal Truth and Leng Tch’e. The die-hard ZXZW fans will remember Leng Tch’e from ZXZW 2005.


New additions to the ZXZW 2009 line-up:

All currently confirmed acts are:
Der Blutharsch, Of the Wand and the Moon, Deutsch Nepal, Uri Caine, Troum, Jonquil, Zann, The Terrordactyls, Bain Wolfkind, A1 Bassline, Broken Note, Aufgehoben, Mouthbreather, Rummelsnuff, Holy State, Pirate Love, Altar of Plagues, The Squire of Gothos, Sleeps In Oysters, The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Youves and Antoni Maiovvi

Got some tips for the bookers? Please post them on getsatisfaction.com/zxzw !

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New ZXZW ’09 line-up additions

We’ve added four new artists to the ZXZW 2009 line-up:

Broken Note (UK) – Filthy drum n bass, techno and dubstep
Jonquil (UK) – Our favourite band from Oxford, UK
Sleeps in Oysters (UK) –  Electronica, Experimental, Alternative
Antoni Maiovvi (IT/UK) –  Disco House, Electro

Of course, more names will be announced soon. With these names the currently confirmed line-up is:
Der Blutharsch, Dernière Volonté, Uri Caine, Jonquil, The Terrordactyls, Bain Wolfkind, Broken Note, Rummelsnuff, Sleeps In Oysters and Antoni Maiovvi.
More than 200 artists will perform at ZXZW 2009.

A temporary 2009 website will be up soon so you can start adding your favourites and writing the band-bio’s on our wiki-based website.

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