Ace of Spades by heavy metal brassband

Blaas of Glory – Ace Of Spades. Recorded in Diepenheim 28-09-2008.

Let’s hope men in tights are coming back to the fashionworld soon. And long 80s heavy metal style hear too.


Special: Cool cover versions: Army of Me (Part 3 of 5)

This week you can wake up to some cover versions to get you kickstarted!

A song that has been covered many times particularly by metal bands is Bj√∂rk’s Army of Me (maybe that is because of the heavy metal umlaut in her name?).

Helmet has done one (see ‘video’ above), Caliban, which I could not find online has done a nice job, and French Klone has just put their version online here: Arme of me (cover) by Klone

Heavy Metal Monk

Italy isn’t just about pasta, Catholic guilt, mafiosi and trains not running on time. Oh wait, it is. But aside from that, some cool things happen there from time to time. For example, an Italian Capuchin monk has started a metal band with some dudes that look like aging Limp Bizkit fans. You see, he was inspired after having seen Metallica live, which makes him one of only three people worldwide to have seen the band live in the last decade and not thrown up consistently for the subsequent 24 hours. read more.