Cumbia is taking over Tilburg!

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Of course, you know of the different Generation Bass events. If not, find them in this post and make sure to be there! In addition to this, we just found out Sonido Del Principe will be spinning Generation Bass hits at Groove Tube. Catch him there, June 27th (20:00) at de Korte Heuvel in Tilburg.

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Booty Bass updates


It’s been a while since we posted a Generation Bass update. One of the reasons is that you all have it on your watch lists ofcourse.

So here we go:

On the Generation Bass weblog:

There is so much going on there, that I can only give some small tips. You can figure out all the other cool stuff going on yourself, right?

Generation Bassquake mix, download it for free.

Wondering what the pic above is about? Check this Booty Bass remix.

The Generation Bass top 15 made it into THE WIRE magazine!

etc. etc. etc.

On the Generation Bass presents events:

Vince just returned from his trip to München with Sonido Del Principe, which was a great party he tells us.

Other dates:

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Generation Bass update


Generation Bass update!

Here’s an update about the weblog activities surrounding the non-western dance program at ZXZW!

The most visible infiltration of the Dutch media by Vince the Prince (the man behind the blog) was last month . He sent an cd filled with good music to the Queen of England, and was rewarded with a nice letter by one of Her Majesties personal assistents. Read all about it here:

Generation Bass sends cd with good cumbia music

Generation Bass pictures of the sent letter

Generation bass receives Royal Warrant!

For 50.000 visitors, help needed…

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Artist Exposed: A1 Bassline

The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

A1 Bassline will play in the Generation Bass program Friday 18 September.

A1 Bassline is from London, UK. The man is smashing London’s bassline scene with his electro-infused brand of speed garage. He describes his style as a blend between house and garage but with some small influences of drum and bass.

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