LouLou and Tummie ‘solo’ exposition


LouLou and Tummie have a ‘solo’ exposition about their work (canvas, prints, shirts, posters and toys) at Subwalk in Arnhem till July 30th 2009.

They will give a lecture there on their work, Friday 26th of June around 20:ooh.

And for the first time they will show samples of their new pluche characters called ‘The Tummie Friends’!

On the Taipei Toy Festival in Taiwan these pluches will be released on July 9th 2009.


Would you rather eat a head or a foot?

A Thai bakery with a strange but interesting kind of humour makes bread that looks just like skulls and severed limbs.

This link will take you to some artful exhibition pics of it all (skeletonbread), while this link takes you to a making of (heads of bread).

We hope you had a decent lunch today.

Sonic Youth exhibit

The exhibition is devoted to the activities of the experimental guitar band Sonic Youth, which profoundly influenced style in the music and art scene from its founding in 1981. This is shown by the numerous joint projects of the band with artists, filmmakers, designers, and musicians, as well as by works of art that Sonic Youth has selected for the exhibition. The interdisciplinary show tells an alternative story of contemporary culture, of teenager rebellion, the restlessness of youth, of the craving for fame and the search for identity, gender roles, sexuality, and religion. This comprehensive project is being staged jointly by the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and KIT — Kunst im Tunnel. Check more here.

This is so SO ME!

Will you come my prince?

Paris based Grapic Designer, Illustrator and Parra rip-off SO ME had an exhibition somewehere, sometime. I don’t really care, but the cool thing is someone posted the pictures of his self-portraits and some more work he did for Ed Banger on the site of the gallery. So go and watch, because it really is a cool collection of work. And face it, the guy can design, animate and illustrate!