Anti-Pop Consortium at ZXZW and free mp3


Hip hop artists Anti-Pop Consortium are coming to Tilburg in September!

Copy/paste from Pitchfork:

‘The New York skronk-rap crew Anti-Pop Consortium reunited a couple of years ago, and they’re getting set to drop Fluorescent Black, their long-awaited comeback album and first full-length since 2002’s Arrhythmia. Big Dada will release the album on October 13. The trippy sci-fi album cover is above.’

Download a new mp3 from them @ Pitchfork


Nu-disco-krew: Hill Street Clappers


Our friends from Archibald Kobayashi sent us a mail to inform us that Tilburg has it’s own Nu-disko-krew!

They’re called the Hill Street Clappers and below you can download “a tight neo-disco mix from Tilburgs own Hill Street Clappers. These guys surely know how to spin the right records and mix it into a wonderful low tempo set.”

Get it here

Free exclusive Caretaker music


The Caretaker is all about lost memories, amnesia and nostalgia to old times. Creating a deep beautiful, but sometimes sinister atmosphere he tries to take you back in your personal history through electronic ambient music. Pleasant memories, bad dreams, being alone in the dark, all these emotions overtake the listener. If you’ve seen the Kubrick movie ‘The Shining’, you will get an idea of the beautiful but disturbing feelings The Caretaker tries to evoke.

The Wire is now offering a free exclusive Caretaker download, composed especially for The Wire, complete with embedded artwork. In James’s own words it’s “emotional for these turbulent times of wonder we find ourselves in”. The track is unavailable anywhere else. And remember, The Caretaker will also play ZXZW Festival 2009!

Find the free download here!

Torrent Tuesday – Sun Ra movie!

The spectacular performances of the Sun Ra Arkestra will be remembered for a long time by those happy enough to have witnessed one or more of the 6 perfomances they gave at ZXZW 2008.

On this cool blog you can find several very interesting jazz downloads, and also the most famous movie of Sun Ra: Space is the Place.

A short summary of Space is the Place:
A jazz innovator for decades, Sun Ra created a sound that could easily have come from his home planet–Saturn. The legend around Sun Ra is bizarre and complex, and it’s one element in John Coney’s insane 1974 film SPACE IS THE PLACE. Conceived as a vehicle for Sun Ra and his music, the film blends 1950s sci-fi, ’70s Blaxploitation, and Ingmar Bergman’s THE SEVENTH SEAL in an intense, provocative mix.

Check it out.

Torrent Tuesday!


You can expect a useful download every Tuesday right here on zxzwblog. First up: a video about Creative Commons.

Surfing the net we came across this very useful torrent from The Pirate Bay that have been a lot in the news lately.

We support the creative commons idea and therefor it would be nice for you to understand why creative commons is important for the future. This video will tell you all about it.

Download this torrent and be informed. To find out how BitTorrent works go here.