“Money: It’s a gas”

Like Pink Floyd sang in 1973:

Money, its a crime.
Share it fairly but dont take a slice of my pie.
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today

The BBC made a documentary about this much sung about phenomenon and Art. Monday 25th of May, BBCFOUR

Thanks again whatspace!


Meet the Sharpies

Nice look at a very obscure subculture from 1974. Mickey Tilburg writes:

It’s a rare film about a long lost subculture called the Sharpies. Being a Sharpie meant that you had a status between being a skinhead and a rock & roll fan, if i’m correct. It is so intriging to me I think because I see much of my youth in it. Although the film is shot in 1974, I was 1 at that time but i had a serious mullet later in my teenager period, it looks like those faces with the perfect hairdo’s are something that remind me vividly of home. At the same time tough and violent but on the other hand very safe and peaceful in a way, like some sort of mullet-utopia. Man, just look again: the shoes at 0:20, the guy at 1:15 or that odd dancing at 2:25…

Via Archibal Kobayashi.

Rough Trade Records Documentary

You can watch a full documentary on the legendary Rough Trade Records here.

The independent Rough Trade Records carries/carried artists like Arcade Fire, Babyshambles, Belle & Sebastian, Butthole Surfers, Cabaret Voltaire, Jarvis Cocker, Cornershop, Die Krupps, The Libertines, Pere Ubu, The Smiths, Sufjan Stevens, Stiff Little Fingers, The Strokes, Super Furry Animals, The Virgin Prunes and many more.

Humanity and music


“The Heart is a Drum Machine” is a documentary “that explores the complex and critical relationship between humanity and music”. It features a sh*tload of interesting people talking about life, music, dreams and other interesting stuff. Some of them: P-Funk inventor George Clinton, Actress/singer Julliete Lewis (of Natural Born Killers and The Licks fame) and musical mastermind of black metal band Enslaved, Ivar Bjørnson.

Hopefully we can see some of their contemplations soon, the documentary is shown in LA on the 25th of April.