Art Monday: Post-its

Maybe it’s not strictly Art, but then: who cares? It’s cool!



LouLou and Tummie ‘solo’ exposition


LouLou and Tummie have a ‘solo’ exposition about their work (canvas, prints, shirts, posters and toys) at Subwalk in Arnhem till July 30th 2009.

They will give a lecture there on their work, Friday 26th of June around 20:ooh.

And for the first time they will show samples of their new pluche characters called ‘The Tummie Friends’!

On the Taipei Toy Festival in Taiwan these pluches will be released on July 9th 2009.

The future of Station Delft?

delftstationIs this how the new station of Delft will look like soon?

The building is divided horizontally with a set-back glass plinth
and above this the municipal offices. The grand station hall and city hall are crowned with
a vaulted ceiling on which a scene is depicted in delfts blue.

The building will include a public hall of 30 000 meters squared; station with shops,
ticket office and restaurants in the station hall and underground platforms. The building
construction is due to begin in 2010 and expected to be completed by 2014.

Check out more pics here.

Let artworkers design your merch or album artwork

Logo Merchsupply

Our friends of just launched their new international website On this new website, designers have the possibility to promote themselves in an original way.

Via this page, you, as a band or label in need of an original design, can let some great artworkers design your merchandise (t-shirts, cd’s, etc) which suits your wants and needs. When the design is ready, Merchsupply will produce and deliver the final order.

If you’re a designer, you can contact Merchsupply forĀ  some free ad-space on that webpage, so the bands or labels can contact you if they like your work and want to let you design the artwork for their merchandise. Cool, isn’t it?

For more info, check the Design your merch or album artwork-page on! Of course it’s also possible to deliver your own designs!