Art Monday: Post-its

Maybe it’s not strictly Art, but then: who cares? It’s cool!



Cool video: ‘Moth’ by Burial & Four Tet

Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, teamed with shadowy English dubstep crossover Burial, aka William Bevan.

Stereogum on Moth: “‘Moth’ finds Reichian Gamelan giving way to wooden percussion and subtle background pitch/vocal smears, with an echoing spaciousness that remains throughout.”

“All new releases are gonna be under ten dollars”

fatmikeMike Burkett aka Fat Mike(FM) of NoFX has been interviewed by Dream not of Today in three parts. He talks about new directions and old ideas of his record label Fat Wreck Chords.

Read part 1 : FM: Well, we’ve been talking about it for a while.  All our back catalog is now under eight dollars in retail stores and all new releases are gonna be under ten dollars.  It’s a pretty drastic price change for us, where everything used to be fourteen dollars.

(d)N0t: Now dropping for $8 for most CDs, $8 for a lot of vinyl I can see in your catalog…

FM: Yeah, most everything is under $10.  And it’s not just in the US, it’s worldwide.  Some countries it’s a little more, but it’s generally about the same price worldwide.  So it’s really cheap pricing all around the world.

Read part 2 : FM: But the problem is kids nowadays – and I do mean kids, because their attention spans are different – will download a single or two from a band and that’s what they’ll put on their iPod.  They’re not really interested in a whole album because they don’t fucking have forty minutes in their day to listen to a whole album.  That’s the saddest part.  I mean, all NOFX records are generally under or around thirty minutes, but you want the album vibe.  That’s what music… I don’t know.  Your best memories are listening to a whole album.  Listening to Ziggy Stardust or Misfits Walk Among Us.  It’s not just listening to one song, you don’t get the same feeling.  Even old classical music, the pieces were long.  You’re supposed to fucking sit down and enjoy something.

Read part 3 : FM: But we’ve never broke a band, we’ve never given a band a gold record.  We’re not that kind of label.  We’re more of a family/scene oriented label.  Like this band, The Real McKenzies.  They’re an old band that I think rock, but it’s not like they’re going anywhere.  I take them to the studio, we fucking party like motherfuckers together and I love those dudes.  And I’m gonna put out their records for as long as they still want to do it, it’s got nothing to do with how many records they sell.  It’s about us being friends and family.  That’s the difference.

Guerrilla gardening

A couple of weeks ago we showed you Grassiti, which was cool, and now another new thing was put to our attention: Guerrilla Gardening. (Don’t you love those terms: Grassiti, guerrilla gardening.)

In the Netherlands it is not (yet) cool, for various reasons: watch this video to see the three reasons below illustrated.

1. Politics are involved. 2. The soundtracks is lame. 3. They don’t create cool things.

So we’re hoping that Dutch boys and girls will do this without (very explicit) politic statements, create cooler videos with cooler soundtracks (see this video) and create cool things. *Thinking of the ZXZW logo, for instance:*

(Thanks to Gerko for the tip)