Bruce Springsteen- The Wrestler


John Kruth interviews Sun Ra

JK: Sun Ra, what do you think of Charles Mingus’ music?
SR: Mingus? He was psychic but I was thinkin’ everything he ever thought before he thought it!
JK: Sun Ra, what do you think about Ornette Coleman’s music?
SR: Ornette Coleman? He’s not even black!
JK: hmm…(baffled by his response) What are your thoughts on Rahsaan Roland Kirk?
SR: (suddenly he got very uptight) Sun Ra – Rahsaan! Sun Ra – Rahsaan! Sun Ra – Rahsaan! (he repeated this over and over) The man stole my name! Once we invited him up on stage with us at Newport but that wasn’t music he was playin’, that was show business!
JK:(nearly exasperated) Well Sun Ra, whose music do you like?
SR: There is one man who always passes the test whenever the spirits challenge him.
JK: (I’m thinking he must be referring to such canonized jazz heroes as Duke Ellington or John Coltrane or possibly himself.)
Who is it Sun Ra? Who?
SR: That man is Mr. Bruce Springsteen!