Effenaar-bookers reporting The Great Escape Festival

The Great Escape
Effenaar-bookers Tom and Robert will visit The Great Escape, happening this week (starting tomorrow) in Brighton UK, .
Tom and Robert will give us a daily update on this blog so we can explore all new talent at the very beginning.

Tom also did a daily report via ZXZW Blog last year. Check these updates out:
The Great Delay Festival day 1
The Great Shallow Festival day 2
The Great Cancellation Festival day 3


Talking about (the) Queen

All the talking about the Queen on the office (Tomorrow it’s Queensday, Generation Bass becoming music supplier of the Royal British family (see here)) makes you thirsty for some cool Queen tunes. So what do you get when a festival like ZXZW – that uses top-notch social media technology for promoting its artists (Twitter x2, Social festival model 2.0, blog, website, hyves etc.) and Queen get together?

Check out the video above and see!

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Billy Corgan is a potato

billy corgan potato

That’s Frank‘s opinion on the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins and from now on, we share that opinion.

Let me explain.

It looks like the bald guy with the annoying voice needs some money and therefor asks a ridiculous amount of money for access to the ‘exclusive’ video and photo blog of the Smashing Pumpkins, which of Corgan is the only original band-member left. It’s a lousy 40$ for 12 weeks of updates (that’s 172$ per year!) where subscription to the average fanclub is about 40$ per year, and you’ll get

  • at least 25 minutes of ‘unique’ audio/video material each week in at least 5 updates (5hrs in 12 weeks that is. Whoohoo!!!);
  • footage shared within 24 hours of being recorded (YouTube is quicker);
  • a negative bank account;
  • no exclusive fanclub t-shirt.

Billy, dude. That’s bullshit. These days, you share all your thoughts, ideas, diaries and music via thinks like Twitter (you are on it but are barely sharing interesting things), MySpace (as long as it lasts), YouTube (ever heard of that?) and, we almost forgot, your very own website. The best of it: it’s free and available to all.

Most fun of all is that Billy Corgan states that it “is not profit motivated”. Why is this so expensive then? Where’s the money going to? You want to let your fans pay your salary of a few million dollars per year? Beside, with 40$ to subscribe, you won’t reach all your fans directly. The footage will leak  on the internet anyhow. Why would you let your beloved supporters pay this much to get a piece of you when it’s available for free shortly after publication?

Get awake man, we are living in 2009 and you are living in the land of the free. Wouldn’t that be a nice statement, to share the footage of your crappy one-man band for zero dollars, named after your well-known song?  Oh, no, that’s not an option. Because you’re old-fashioned. Just like an ugly potato.

Generation Bass blog hits 50.000 visitors this week


Two months ago Generation Bass started its blog on non-western (dance) music and influences thereof. This week, the blog will welcome it’s 50.000th visitor !

Beside a blog, Generation Bass is a dance night too! It has it’s monthly night at Cul de Sac in Tilburg and this month there is a Generation Bass-A-Thon at 013 and Cul de Sac on April 29th and 30th. Ticket give-away on ZXZW Blog tomorrow !!

Kicks for Free

As you might have read a couple of weeks ago, ZXZW launched the Social Festival Model. It’s an open source business model. Since some of the people at ZXZW are following a lot of the new digital developments closely, and like to get their kicks for free, they started a new blog. It’s about social media, business models and strategies and technical innovation in the cultural scene. Visit it here. On Twitter? Follow @kicksforfree !


There’s a nice post on this blog about using Twitter, the do’s and don’ts. Read it here. A bit different but also very cool is Generation Bass, a blog by Vince aimed at non-western (dance) music and influences thereof.

Generation Bass