Toffe Tagen in Tilburg


Woensdag 10 juni

Generation bass: DJ RUPTURE + ANDY MOOR, Saxixa, Sonido del principe bij 013, begint om 21.00 en kost 5 euroflappen.

Vrijdag 12 juni

OPTIMUS PRIME NOISEFEST III, Doornen (NL), Kakawaka (DE), OMS NMA (BE), Odal (NL), Belch (NL), Harshcore (IT), Cock Cobra (NL), Svartvit (NL), Cementimental (UK), Manuel Padding (NL), Stompboxer (NL), Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL), Horacio Pollard (UK), Shaun Barrett (US), Kevin Shea (US), Brown Jenkin (NL), Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL), Rinus van Alebeek (DE), Kamloops (NL), Droise (JP), Kristus kut (NL), Klitink (NL), The Jim Morrisons (NL), Koroshiya (NL), Political Necroshemalebob (AU), Blue Shift (US) bij de 013, begint om 20.00 en kost 5 euroflappen.

Zaterdag 13 juni
HORROR AT THE T, 3 films van David Cronenberg o.a. Scanners bij kunstpodium T, begint om 20.00 en is gratis.

So you know what to do this week(end)!


Optimus Prime Noisefest



20:30    Vrienden van de Duitse Keuken (NL)
20:42    Cock Cobra (NL)
20:54    Kaiserschnee (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
21:06    Swartvit (NL)
21:18    Kristus kut (NL)
21:30    Doornen (NL)
21:42    Weird Dust (BE)
21:54    Klitink (NL)
22:06    Odal (NL)
22:18    City Hands (NL)
22:30    Brown Jenkin (NL)
22:42    Kamloops (NL)
22:54    Horacio Pollard (UK)
23:06    Sean Barrett (US)
23:18    Cementimental (UK)
23:30    Political Necroshemalebob (UK)
23:42    Rinus van Alebeek (NL/DE)
23:54    Koroshiya (US)
00:06    Puppkakkbaggrlull (NL) (ZXZW 2008)
00:18    Blue Shift (US)
00:30    Kakawaka (DE) (ZXZW 2008)
00:30    DJ Bart Hard / DJ Holmen

01:00    END TIME

Win: 2×1 Neurotic Deathfest @ 013 ticket


Neurotic Deathfest (May 29 and 30  2009) is the great indoor metal fest at 013.

The full killer line-up:
Behemoth, Entombed, Aborted, Vital Remains, The Acacia Strain, Unleashed, Misery Index,
Rotten Sound, Brutal Truth, Leng Tch’e, God Dethroned, Illdisposed, Severe Torture, Brain Drill, Salt The Wound, Torture Killer, Gadget, NOX, Obscura, Inveracity, Mumakil, Hail of Bullets, Inhume, Facebreaker, Human Mincer, Despondency, Demonical, Deadborn, Inevitable End, Inherit Disease, Order of Ennead, Fleshrot, Flesh Made Sin, A Trail Of Horror, Engine of Doom and The New Dominion

We’re giving away 2×1 passepartouts !

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl with your full name and the answer on the following question:
Which bands on the line-up did play at ZXZW in the past?

Good luck!

Some nice things to do in Tilburg!

Tonight (Thursday May 7th) there are at least two nice acts to check out in Tilburg.

Decisions, decisions.

In 013 Silence is Sexy will perform at the “My First Sonny Weissmuller Labelnight” together with label mates Woost and Lucid. Most of the ZXZW staff will be there, so you better be there to if you wanna hang out with the cool guys (and ladies). See you 21:00 at 013


At ZXZW 2009 venue Cul de Sac TV Buddhas (ZXZW 2007) will give acte de presance tonight, for free.

The same is true (the being free part) for TV Buddhas on Sunday 10 May at our friends of the Temporary Art Centre TAC Eindhoven. The cool poster above is made by Wannes Coolen special for TAC.

Win: 2×2 Telepathe + Casiokids @ 013 tickets


Telepathe (pronounced Telepathy) is a Brooklyn, New York based experimental group, who focus on ritualistic percussion and electronics. The group was Initially formed in 2004 as an aside for Busy Gangnes (from prog-punk experimentalists Wikkid) and Melissa Livaudais (fellow Wikkid and First Nation guitarist)
In 2007, they released Farewell Forest EP and Sinister Militia 12” through the Social Registry label. Followed by Chrome’s On It EP and Devil’s Trident EPs in 2008.
Their full-length debut Dance Mother is due to be released spring 2009. It will be produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek.

The Norwegian band Casiokids (photo) is not just an electronic act, but also include a shadow puppet group. The instrumentation includes cassette-recorder, cello, melodica, guitar, congas and of course lots of electronic quarks,quirks & whatæs.

We give away 2×2 tickets for the concert of these bands, on Wednesday May 6th at 013 Tilburg!

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first two contestants will win two tickets!

Good luck!

Neurotic Deathfest line-up complete

Indoor metal fest Neurotic Deathfest (May 29-30  2009, at 013) have completed their line-up with the addition of Behemoth and God Dethroned.

The killer line-up brings thirty-six bands to Tilburg including: Behemoth, Entombed, Aborted, Vital Remains, The Acacia Strain, Unleashed, Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Brutal Truth and Leng Tch’e. The die-hard ZXZW fans will remember Leng Tch’e from ZXZW 2005.

Roadburn 2009: Seven That Spells


We’re all looking forward to the sold out Roadburn Festival 2009, from Thursday to Saturday at 013, Tilburg. This week, we will highlight a few artists that will perform during the three days in stoner-heaven.

At V39, the new Roadburn venue on the other side of the road at 013, Seven That Spells (ZXZW 2008) will perform. They formed in 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia as an international commune of psychedelic likeminds exploring the multifaceted cosmos of freak out music and naked women in high hopes of achieving Buddha’s blessing!

Check out this live video: