JAMES LAST – Hip Hop Polka

Always mixing stuff. Always down with the scene. Always goodlooking. You can also NOT download his classic Voodoo Party album right here.


Nice piece on Knalpot

Mapsadaisical is a cool blog on new music. He wrote a review on the Knalpot performance during World Minimal Music Festival “Despite their limited number, they manage to sound like a bastard hybrid of a load of Rune Grammofon and Warp bands – the skronk of Supersilent, the punk of MoHa, the mathematik of Battles, and the electronik of Pivot. Their set began with drilling noises and drone mutating into jazzy post-rock rhythms, before the drummer started slapping his kit with chains as the guitarist spat out bursts of noise, the two coalescing in spasmodic rhythmic fits. AFX acid electronics and casio burble were equally at home among the grooves.” read the rest here. Knalpot is also performing at ZXZW.