Here comes Indie Thursday!

Dinosaur Jr
The new Dinosaur Jr. has leaked and, of course, we couldn’t help ourselves but listening to this fine record. Barlow, Mascis and Murph, largely responsible for returning lead guitar to indie rock and, along with their peers the Pixies, injecting late-’80s alternative rock with monumental levels of pure guitar noise, have delivered an album full of energy and melody, reminding us a lot of an album like Bug. Don’t be mislead by the horrible cover, Farm is an album that’s a lot more than just nostalgia.

Conceived in San Francisco in 1998, Iran began as the four-track bedroom-recording project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Aites. Aites released Iran’s self-titled debut in 2000, and after that Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio’s guitarist) became a member of this band. The pop songs lying underneath all the noise have been polished up a lot better (probably also thanks to the production of TVOTR’s David Sitek). The new album, Dissolver, was released earlier this year and we took it for a spin a couple of times this week. We suggest you do so too.

Daytrotter logo
Thanks to the great Bolachas Grátis blog, we’ve discovered the Daytrotter Sessions this week. Check this out: “Daytrotter is a recording studio with a website. We invite musicians to our studio, record their songs, and give (give, as in “for free, no strings attached”) them to you, from our website. Simple. Of course, if you’re here you probably already knew that. Please tell your friends. There are plenty of songs for everyone.” And if you don’t believe that last part, take a look at their impressive archive. It includes bands like Akron/Family, Fleet Foxes, Fucked Up, Grizzly Bear, The National, Spoon etc. etc. etc. That’ll get you through the rest of the week!

Got any other indie tips for us? Please comment!


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