Artist Exposed: Aluk Todolo


The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

Aluk Todolo will play Sunday 20 September.

Experimental black metal influenced by people such as Hermann Nitsch and Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch). With the goal to create a timeless, organic mix of krautrock’s strangeness and black metal’s coldness, Aluk Todolo conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars. Subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. Very dark. Very scary. Very nice.

We saw them last weekend at the amazing Worm venue in Rotterdam. We got a lot of blackdronenoise and were very happy they handed out earplugs.


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