Indie Thursday – The animal edition

Tortoise have always been office favourites, so it’s great to see that they’ve returned with a new album after five years. Beacons of Ancestorship is (again) a collection of very spherical songs, this time using more electronics than guitars and percussion. If you’ve heard any of their albums before, this one will probably surprise you, because it’s a bit more energetic and faster than we’re used of them.

Crocodiles are a two-piece from San Diego, USA formed in 2008 playing lo-fi new wave, featuring former members of The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. They released their debut album (with the great title Summer of Hate) through Fat Possum a couple of weeks ago, and if you’re into The Jesus and Mary Chain or Wavves, you’ll love this band.

We are Wolves Total Magique
Canadian electro/shout-punk trio We Are Wolves builds walls of high-energy, synth-based, call-and-response indie rock that bring to mind artists such as Clinic, Suicide, and early New Order. Their second album Total Magique was released in 2007 already, but is now being reissued, which gives us (and you) the great chance to rediscover them.

Tiny Vipers. Ok, that’s not really an animal, but ‘Viper’ comes from the word ‘Viperidae’ which is a group of snakes found throughout Africa, Eurasia and the Americas. Give us a break, will ya? Anyway, Tiny Vipers isn’t indie in it’s most hippest, but it’s beautiful minimalistic folksongs. Life on Earth will be released by Sub Pop next month.


Artists Exposed: A1 Bassline and Raffertie: track and remixes!

The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

A1 Bassline will play in the Generation Bass program Friday 18 September.

A1 Bassline already had an Artist Exposed. But We wanted to let you know that you can find a new free download and a mix here.


Raffertie will also play in the Generation Bass program Friday 18 September.

Hailing from the south coast and now based in Birmingham, Raffertie is the 21 year old DJ and producer whose innovative and down right filthy style has been smashing up the UK’s underground dance music scene for the last couple of years.
His sets include everything from uplifting pop classics and 90’s rave anthems to the filthiest house, garage, grime and dubstep tracks, creating huge dance floor reactions that earned him a residency at Hold Tight in London.

Get Raffertie’s Rob da bank mix here for free.



We love the idea that you can make old things into better things.

So what is the best example of that? We think Dr. Frankenstein‘s. To make a living thing out of dead remains, if possible out of parts of various sources.


Eerie Books blog now made a list of the 42 Frankenstein Movies you should have seen before you die. Although a lot of those films are not very necessary in our eyes, it posted a lot of cool links to other blogs about those movies.


And remember: The monster is NOT called Frankenstein, his maker is. But of course you did know that already.