What are THE cool persons of 2009?


Don’t you just love MS Paint?

Once upon a time some guys from NME stole our idea of making a cool person list. Or did we steal it from them? Anyway, in this day and age it does not matter who was first , only those that repeat themselves long enough will be noticed, eveything is already invented before etc. etc.

Enough with the cultural pessimism: We are recruiting new cool persons for our cool person 2009 list!

Last year, Gameboy Hein won this prestigious award, and for this year you can send us your coolest persons via the comment box below.

The first nominees are sent in by Joost:

Mad Kate (Bonaparte)

De baard van Bob van Heur

Eddie Wally

Mary Borsato

Bas Verbeek

Ladies and gentlemen start your comments!


4 thoughts on “What are THE cool persons of 2009?

  1. I’d like to nominate:
    -Tom Boonen for being a cokehead and a professional athlete and not giving a damn,
    -Charles Darwin for making humanity look stupid by giving us his evolution theory which we hardly improved in 200 years time, meanwhile getting more and more commonly accepted and getting pretty much invalid if we don’t show up with something new,
    -Myself for making that up and for early recognition of my book that finally will make us forget about Darwin,
    -Louis van Gaal for pretending to be an asshole, insulting dumb journalists and making AZ champion,
    – Yolanthe for setting a good example by dumping Jan Smit

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