Booty Bass updates


It’s been a while since we posted a Generation Bass update. One of the reasons is that you all have it on your watch lists ofcourse.

So here we go:

On the Generation Bass weblog:

There is so much going on there, that I can only give some small tips. You can figure out all the other cool stuff going on yourself, right?

Generation Bassquake mix, download it for free.

Wondering what the pic above is about? Check this Booty Bass remix.

The Generation Bass top 15 made it into THE WIRE magazine!

etc. etc. etc.

On the Generation Bass presents events:

Vince just returned from his trip to München with Sonido Del Principe, which was a great party he tells us.

Other dates:

30-5 Sonido Del Principe, Leeuwarden
03-6 The Peronists, Supermarket, The Hague
04-6 The Peronists, Worm Rotterdam
05-6 The Peronists, TAC Eindhoven
06-6 The Peronists, OCCII Amsterdam
07-6 The Peronists, Cul de Sac TIlburg
10-6 Sonido Del Principe, 013 Tilburg (with DJ/ Rupture)
23-7 Sonido Del Principe, 013 Tilburg (with Grupo Segundo)
29-7 Vince the Prince, Cul de Sac Tilburg
26-8 Vince the Prince, Cul de Sac Tilburg
29-8 Sonido Del Principe, Dynamo Eindhoven.

I trust you will be there if you like a good party.

On the Generation Bass event on ZXZW 2009:

Are the confirmed artists until now. You know the drill.
Generation Bass, bringing sunshine through music to the Neterlands

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