“Thursday I’ve got some indie for you”

“I don’t care if monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and wednesday too
Thursday I’ve got some indie for you
It’s friday I’m in love”

The Cure – Friday I’m in Love

Hi there & welcome to another post of the best indie tips you can get anywhere! Think you can beat this? We’d like to see you try! This week’s indie favourites at the office are:

Named after the main character of a novel by Ferdinand Bordewijk called Karakter, Katadreuffe were truly one of the best surprises this week. Musically, Katadreuffe incorporates elements from post-hardcore, noise, shoegaze, post-punk and pop. And they’re from Amsterdam. Always nice to discover some new home made indie. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Their first EP entitled Quel Gargantua! is available as a free download right here. If you love it, buy it though, because the physical CD release comes packaged in a really nice handmade sleeve.

BLK JKS is a four-piece from Johannesburg. They call their music ‘afro avant noise rock’, which paints the picture pretty well. Formed in 2003, early BLK JKS shows and recordings we remarkable for their stacks of guitar drone and head nodding beats. In June 2007 BLK JKS released a handful of songs as a limited edition CD EP that was quickly snapped up by hardcore fans and knowing collectors. Lakeside is an excellent EP. First released in November 2007, it is now being reissued by Secretly Canadian.

Interpol’s singer Paul Banks will be releasing a solo album later this year. We were not really sure what to expect when we first heard about it. We do like Interpol, but the different side-projects of the members of the band (like Magnetic Morning) didn’t really convince us. This week a first song of Julian Plenti (Banks’ alias) was posted and it doesn’t sound all that bad, actually. To be honest, it sounds a lot like a younger, more playful brother of Interpol. Find the song called ‘Fun That We Have’ here.

Lastly, Sleepy Sun seem to be the media’s new favourite. And for a reason. The debut album Embrace from this young San Francisco sextet can be summarized as West Coast hypnotic and psychedelic rock. They even have an ‘interpretative dancer’ (remember them?) onstage, being singer Rachel Williams. It’s a combo between Black Mountain, Black Sabbath and The Doors. If that doesn’t get you listening, we don’t know what will.

See you next week!


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