Special: Brian Wilson: Black Cab Session (1 of 5)

This week our special will be about the great idea called Black Cab Sessions: One cab, one song, one take.

Blackcabsessions.com: “Dear Black Cabs,” the email began, “would you please consider filming a session with Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys).” They really didn’t need to add that last bit about the Beach Boys. A few weeks later we were outside Abbey Studios, with the taxi humming patiently behind us, nervously awaiting one of the most influential songwriters of all time. And then he emerged with his band: five of them in total. Bit tricky that because, of course, you can only sit five in the back of cab, and seeing as there were two of us to film and record sound, that made an unlucky seven in total. So we jettisoned sound recording duties, made the five of them comfortable, and wedged our cameraman in an awkward stress position between the jump seats. (More here)


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