Win: 2×2 Bidi-Bookings anniversary (Dÿse and more) @ W2 Den Bosch tickets

You can rock on your own, with a beatlesque four or just with two mofo’s. Less is more, you know. Dÿse (on Myspace) is a two-man band, formed in the Spring of 2003 and named after the Dysecatmotel in Amsterdam where they’d first met. It began as a fun, drunken side project for Jari Rebelein and André Dietrich who wanted a new musical challenge and a chance to write songs with no limitations. They did some massive touring the past years, the response to the shows was overwhelming as audiences everywhere were blown away by this unique, energetic and incredibly entertaining duo. Think punk meets hardcore meets powerrock or Lightning Bolt light, as some might say.

You could have seen them at ZXZW 2007, but on May 23rd they’re performing at the 7,5 years anniversary of Bidi-Bookings, the great Tilburg booking agency.

Also performing are Astrosoniq, Gomer Pyle (as seen at Roadburn 2009), The Liszt and Duffhuës.

We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for this event on Saturday May 23rd at W2 Den Bosch!

All you have to do: send an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl and the first two contestants will win two tickets!

Good luck!


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One response to “Win: 2×2 Bidi-Bookings anniversary (Dÿse and more) @ W2 Den Bosch tickets

  1. metaljelle

    hahaha they look like Immortal without corpse paint!

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