Negura Bunget split:”so I have killed my baby of fifteen years”


The black metal scene has a new 2009 soap opera coming! First there was the much talked about split of Gorgoroth, leading Gaahl and King ov Hell to start God Seed.

Now it is Negura Bunget that is fighting its personal wars on the internet.

On the ‘official’ Negura Bunget Myspace, drummer Negru announced that his two other band members took off, but they, Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, have a very different story to tell:

Hupogrammos “told Terrorizer that at Roadburn festival, which became their last performance together, “we knew it already, we had – I cannot call it a fight, as I am not a fighting person – but we had this disagreement already on the tour and we knew it would be our last show.”

He then went on to explain that the band had decided to put out the statement below, but instead the split has been turned, in Hupogrammos’s words into a “a public scandal. I am not interested in this public shit like what happened with Gorgororth but I cannot remain receiving his [meaning Negru’s] hits, so I have killed my baby of fifteen years.”

Read their full statement here.

To be continued


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