Generation Bass update


Generation Bass update!

Here’s an update about the weblog activities surrounding the non-western dance program at ZXZW!

The most visible infiltration of the Dutch media by Vince the Prince (the man behind the blog) was last month . He sent an cd filled with good music to the Queen of England, and was rewarded with a nice letter by one of Her Majesties personal assistents. Read all about it here:

Generation Bass sends cd with good cumbia music

Generation Bass pictures of the sent letter

Generation bass receives Royal Warrant!

For 50.000 visitors, help needed…

The Generation Bass weblog also welcomed its 50.000 visitor in only three (!) months. The lucky winner won “Not only a shirt, cd’s and other goodies, but also a special REMIX for you by SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE. You choose the song and you will become THE OWNER of the remix. You can decide what you want to do with it, it’s all on you baby! This remix will not be posted here (unless you want to) but can also go on your own blog/profile/whatever exclusively…”

But all this attention is creating a lot of work for Vince, so HE IS LOOKING FOR A HELPING HAND The person willing to aid Vince in his quest to bring non-western dance music to the Netherlands can contact him at generationbassATgmailPUNKTcom.

That’s it for now, see you in September @ Generation Bass!



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