ZXZW Social Festival Model wins prize!


Our Social Festival Model has won the Think Ahead Award!

Barry and Joost at KicksforFree write:

You might have heard of ZXZW’s Social Festival Model. It’s our open source business model where everybody in our community can give input and feedback on the festival organization. With this development we’re asking input of everyone who feels committed to the festival, with the policy development and with new digital interactivity. We are pretty much the first festival organization that applies this manner of open source policymaking, which is why we submitted it for NIMk’s (‘Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Montevideo/Time Based Arts’) Think Ahead Award.

‘Think Ahead! Open Platform’ is an award competition and event organised by the Netherlands Media Art Institute on the ocassion of its ’30st anniversary’. NIMk invited artists, researchers, hackers and inventors active in the digital culture and based in the Netherlands, to present ideas and projects that are currently under construction. The key criteria for selection were innovation, authenticity and sustainability.

Last Saturday, 9th May, we presented the Social Festival Model together with 15 other submissions. We are proud to say we’ve won the award with the Social Festival Model! We won 2000 Euros and will be provided expert advice and technical assistance for the further development of the project. Watch our presentation here


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