Animal Collective live @ Letterman

Animal Collective, one of the most interesting bands we know, have finally performed at Letterman. For the occasion they brought with them 4 strangely looking dancers. Check out the cool video above!

Just to remind you: we have an Animal Collective-like band at ZXZW this year, called AU. You should try it. You will like it.




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5 responses to “Animal Collective live @ Letterman

  1. Vreemd om een van je favoriete artiesten bij zo’n grote show te zien. Ze hebben een aardig poppy nummer gekozen trouwens. Toen ze bij Conan O’Brien waren deden ze #1

  2. metaljelle

    Great link Peter! I want that vocalmodulatorthingy they use! Sounds sick 🙂

  3. I have found what i was looking for !!! thx )

  4. metaljelle

    you’re welcome!

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