Artist Exposed: Knalpot

The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

Knalpot will play Sunday 20 September.

Knalpot are Raphael Vanoli (guitar/casio/electronics) and Gerri Jäger (drums). At a push it’d be possible to sqeeze Knalpot into the punkfunkelectro bag, but the seams wouldn’t hold the duo for long. Sounding a lot more organic than other similarly tooled outfits, their music is stuffed with loops, blips and Mulder melodies.


Knalpot means ‘exhaust’ in old Dutch, but its connotations are: noise, pandemonium etc. And that is exactly what Knalpot brings live on stage, but in controlled bursts. Using a keyboard, drums and more guitar effects than even you have, these two guys bring experimental electro/jazz like they have never done anything else before. They claim their sound engineer will be there to make sure no-one gets hurt. Our advice to you is to come and see this fresh duo, but do not forget your earplugs!


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