Klaus Nomi’s Space opera

Klaus Nomi was an 80’s artist known for blending opera, popmusic and vaudeville into a spaced out glam thing. David Bowie had him as a backing singer, and Nomi (real name Sperber) released three albums before dying of AIDS in 1983.

The Walrus writes about his unfinished Space opera “Za Bakdaz”:

“Every musical genius needs an unfinished/lost masterpiece. Brian Wilson and Pete Townsend each had one. Why not Klaus Nomi? Look, I bet you a million dollars that his unfinished space western entitled Za Bakdaz, or “Nomi Homeland” would’ve been the biggest thing since Sgt. Pepper’s! Ok, well maybe not, but after recently reading about it on this website, I definitely think that loveable new-wave opera man was on to something.”


And because we forgot Torrent Tuesday (we were celebrating our freedom in the Netherlands), and most of you are probably unfamiliar with the Nom-ster, you can see the documentary The Nomi Song immediately! Watch it/download it here for free.


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