Artist Exposed: Bain Wolfkind


The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss! Click the tag Artist Exposed for more posts!

Bain Wolfkind will play Sunday 20 September.

Bain Wolfkind creates music that makes you want to drink. Drink a lot, but nice and slow. Because you’ve got all night.

Bain Wolfkind is the nom de guerre for Australia’s Lounge Lothario; an Elvis man, ladies’ man, a jazzman, and a man’s man, Bain Wolfkind creates tunes for the back rooms, the darkened corners, the crime-ridden streets of an imagined future city where the men mete out their own brands of personal justice and the ladies are willing to give up their own goods for nothing more than a deathly-dry Martini and a little sweet-talk.

When Bain is not assisting Albin Julius and fellow Der Blutharsch co-conspirators he is working for his self titled solo project and Novo Homo, his electronic project. Albin Julius, who has known Bain Wolfkind for almost ten years describes Bain on stage “as like a more groovy and dark version of one of the rat pack…”

When asked about his favorite Bain Wolfkind song, Albin says:

“You mean in Blutharsch? I think every song he did is great, maybe “Iron Rain” (“So Bring Your Iron Rain Upon Me” From Der Blutharsch’s ‘When did Wonderland End’ ed.) for some reasons, if you talk about his bands I like most “Corruption is the currency” (From Bain Wolfkind’s ‘The Swamp Angel’ ed.) but I love Princessin (From Novo Homo’s ‘Private Hell’ ed.)a lot as well, in the end I can`t really find any song I dislike! It is a pleasure and honour to work with Bain.”



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