Vote for the best ZXZW mug now!

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As told before, we’ve got a mug policy at the ZXZW office.

Finally, Tineke got her pink mug so from now on, you can vote for the best mug. (larger photo view here)
From left to right:
Top: Anteater (Vince), Platypus (Frank), Starbucks (Erik, new one requested)
Middle: Bear (Barry), Frank Rijkaard (Joost), ‘I Like My Coffee Black’ (Jelle)
Bottom: Pink (Tineke), Custom (Tijs)

Vote now:


15 thoughts on “Vote for the best ZXZW mug now!

  1. +1 and the mugs should have something to do with Art, like mine, and coffee, like mine, which, for the record, is the only one with coffee on this photograph.

  2. ok guys, let be really honest here. there are mugs and there are mugs. when i would have to choose i would most definitly go for a shared first prize for the Ol’ Mighty Frank Rijkaard (Joost) and the ubercool β€˜I Like My Coffee Black’ (Jelle).

    Fuck Starbucks. Sorry Erik, but you need more soul in your mug to win this competition…. πŸ˜‰

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