It’s Indie Queensday!

Since the Queen of England seems to have a great music taste, we decided to give our own Queen some nice tips as well. Indie tips, of course. Are you listening, Bea? It’s Indie Queensday!

First off: man that Dan Deacon record is growing on us! If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you do. Dan Deacon studied electro-acoustic and computer music composition at Purchase College in New York. His new album Bromst is definitely our cup of tea, very playful and trippy ADHD electro pop mixed with more ambient and experimental pieces. Make sure to check out the track ‘Wet Wings’.

White Rabbits is a sextet featuring two drummers and a piano player. The band refers to their music as “honky tonk calypso”, their new album It’s Frightening being very percussion driven. The band manages to keep their songs unpretentious and accessible, at times sounding a bit quirky. It might take a couple of spins before it hits you, but it’s worth it.

You remember Akron/Family, right? As one of Michael Gira’s followers, signed to the Young Gods label, they are now set to release their new album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free on the excellent Dead Oceans label. You might know Dead Ocens from releases such as Bowerbirds, Dirty Projectors, Evangelicals and These Are Powers. With this new album, they have managed to somewhat create a new sound, at times sounding like a poppy version of Animal Collective.


Pintandwefall brings punky party music made by four girls from Helsinki. Happy music with light lyrics, sounding a bit like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, only more retarded. In a good way, like Modest Mouse retarded. Zombies and octopuses are occupying their lyrics as well as issues closer to home, like what to wear. These girls follow their own path and that path does not follow the rules. Bad girls. They’ll also play ZXZW, so make sure you catch them there.


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