Artist Exposed: Fol Chen


Indietronicact Fol Chen will play ZXZW Sunday 20 september.

Light, sweet and relaxxed. Think Goldfrapp or other electronic bands that create that singer-songwriter-feel. Party hard, shoegaze, nod your head or just dance like you’ve never did before: One or more of those very contradictive reactions will  most probably happen when you listen to Fol Chen. See you there!

Here are two Fol Chen tracks remixed by others:

Fol Chen – Cable TV (Liars Remix) (rightclick: save as…) (via)

Fol Chen – No Wedding Cake (Remix by Matthew David) (rightclick: save as…) (via)

The series of Artist Exposed for the ZXZW 2009 fest, highlights the artists you definitely do not want to miss!


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