Heineken vs. Bavaria, the sequel

There’s a true battle in beer-commercial world going on right now. Both Heineken and Bavaria are disgusting but their commercials kick ass.

First, Heineken came up with the pretty amusing ‘Walk In Fridge’

The reaction of Bavaria was kind of the same, but a great kick in the balls of Heineken

Finally, a few days ago, Heineken came up with their follow-up commercial, definitely the best in this battle

It’s 2-1 for Heineken in this commercial battle, but they’re both way behind in good taste. Go Vedett!


2 thoughts on “Heineken vs. Bavaria, the sequel

  1. spam! I hate it if you post commercials from commercial companies that try to “generate buzz in the blogworld”. Fuck them. Let them sponsor Bavaria Open Air.

  2. denken aan heineken, huisgenoot die op megavolume milk inc luistert, de geur van het avondeten van een andere huisgenoot… weg hier!

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