Meet the Sharpies

Nice look at a very obscure subculture from 1974. Mickey Tilburg writes:

It’s a rare film about a long lost subculture called the Sharpies. Being a Sharpie meant that you had a status between being a skinhead and a rock & roll fan, if i’m correct. It is so intriging to me I think because I see much of my youth in it. Although the film is shot in 1974, I was 1 at that time but i had a serious mullet later in my teenager period, it looks like those faces with the perfect hairdo’s are something that remind me vividly of home. At the same time tough and violent but on the other hand very safe and peaceful in a way, like some sort of mullet-utopia. Man, just look again: the shoes at 0:20, the guy at 1:15 or that odd dancing at 2:25…

Via Archibal Kobayashi.


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