Proud to be dutch

Do you know that feeling when you are proud of your nationality? Obama winning the elections, the bringing down of the Berlin wall, winning the football (or soccer if you like) world cup, the participating of thousands of fellow countrymen in a meaningful demonstration against all that is wrong in the world, etcetera. Watching the video above is one of those moments for us at ZXZW.

So we say: we are proud to come from a country that makes art like this!


7 thoughts on “Proud to be dutch

  1. heb nog geplaybackt met zus en broer op dit nummer….. jeugdsentiment… tenminste de muziek. De beelden kende ik niet.

  2. hi there. stumbled on your blog while looking for more info on Peter Funch, whose pictures you featured a while back. Love what I’ve found so far, especially this bizarre video. I think that might be the same outcropping where they filmed Nimoy’s ‘Ballad of Bilbo Baggins’ — that would explain a lot. 😉 I’ve got you in my reader now, and look forward to more good posts.


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