$20,000 worth of midgetgolfing

freese_tom_drummingA 20-year old guy from Florida by the name of Thomas Mrzyglocki was the lucky buyer of the very special limited edition of Tom Freese’s solo album for 20,000 dollar. Read the report here.

After the jump you can view all the editions that Freese has released his new album in…

from Wired:

Highlights of Freese’s packages:

$7: Digital download of Since 1972 (including three videos)

$15: CD/DVD double-disc set, plus digital download

$50: CD/DVD double-disc set, T-shirt and five-minute “thank you” phone call from Freese for buying the record.
$250: (limited edition of 25): Add a lunch date with Freese to P.F. Chang’s or The Cheesecake Factory.

$500 (limited edition of 15): Float with Freese in a sensory-deprivation tank and get dinner at Sizzler.

$2,500 (limited edition of 5):
Take three items of your choice out of Freese’s closet (first come, first serve).

$5,000 (limited edition of 3): Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam will send you a letter telling you about his favorite song on Since 1972.

$10,000 (limited edition of 1): Freese takes you and guest to Disneyland and gives you his Volvo station wagon.

$20,000 (limited edition of 1): Maynard James Keenan, Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo and Freese take you miniature golfing and then drop you off on the side of the freeway (all filmed and posted on YouTube).

$75,000 (limited edition of 1): Take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Tool drummer Danny Carrey’s Lamborghini.


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