Save Sesame Street!


When we were young, we all watched Sesame Street every single day on Nederland 3 at 6.30 pm. After Sesame Street, it was usual you went to bed. It has been a long day after all.

Now, Sesame Street is scheduled on 5pm. Many children and their parents aren’t at home at this time so viewing figures are very low compared to what it used to be. Now, the figures are so low, the show with Tommy, Ieniemienie, Big Bird and Cookie Monster gets into danger for feature broadcasting.

That’s why Aart Staartjes, one of the main actors of the Dutch Sesame Street, wants everybody to sign a petition to get Sesame Street back to 6.30pm. It has been signed over 12.000 times at the moment!

Save Sesame Street and sign the petition on


the ZXZW management.



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2 responses to “Save Sesame Street!

  1. leroy

    there’s a corrupted version of sesame street in Japan called Banana Street

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