Win: 2×2 Blurt @ Paradox tickets

Blurt (ZXZW 2008) is a completely original British Trio producing what some call Dada-Avantgarde-Jazz or Paranoid Jazz-Mutant Funk. Practically impossible to pigeonhole. Centered around Ted Milton’s alto-sax and poetry. Blurt have a very strong live reputation due to the extra-ordinary theatrical talents of Ted Milton and were signed to the legendary Factory Records.

Blurt’s playing at Paradox on March 11th.

We can give away 2×2 tickets for this show.

All you have to do is sending an e-mail to win AT zxzw DOT nl with the answer on the following easy question:
There’s a British band with an almost similar name (just delete one of the letters) that recently reunited. What’s the name of this band?

Don’t forget to include your full name.


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