New ZXZW ’09 line-up additions

We’ve added four new artists to the ZXZW 2009 line-up:

Broken Note (UK) – Filthy drum n bass, techno and dubstep
Jonquil (UK) – Our favourite band from Oxford, UK
Sleeps in Oysters (UK) –  Electronica, Experimental, Alternative
Antoni Maiovvi (IT/UK) –  Disco House, Electro

Of course, more names will be announced soon. With these names the currently confirmed line-up is:
Der Blutharsch, Dernière Volonté, Uri Caine, Jonquil, The Terrordactyls, Bain Wolfkind, Broken Note, Rummelsnuff, Sleeps In Oysters and Antoni Maiovvi.
More than 200 artists will perform at ZXZW 2009.

A temporary 2009 website will be up soon so you can start adding your favourites and writing the band-bio’s on our wiki-based website.

For all latest festival info follow us on Twitter: @ZXZW
Interested in what’s keeping us awake at the festival office? Follow the ZXZW Blog on Twitter: @zxzwblog


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