Bram Stadhouders podcast

2008 ZXZW artist Bram Stadhouders (also follow him on Twitter @bramstadhouders) started a podcast:

Hi everyone.

I’m starting a podcast.

Every 2 weeks I will make an exclusive music piece and drop it there.

For those unfamiliar with podcasts: you can subscribe to it, and every time I post a piece, it will download automatically to your iTunes (or other podcast software). Or you can have an mp3-link sent to your email.

What will you get?

* Home-concerts played and recorded for you
* Solo guitar or other string instruments impressions
* Electronic music pieces
* Collaborations with other artists
* Free improvisation experiments
* Old unreleased tracks
* Unreleased bonus tracks from studio recording sessions
* Every 2 weeks delivered to you via email, blog, rss or podcast
* All for free!

For more info and subscribing, go here:

Bram Stadhouders


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