Eurosonic/Noorderslag list Tom Effenaar

It is time for plusses and minusses it seems….

Here is my list of things I have seen last weekend in Groningen:

Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries +/-
Firefox AK +/-
Dinosaur Pile-Up +
Polarkreis 18 ++
Deichkind ++
Huoratron –
Bonaparte ++
Our Broken Garden +/-
I Blame Coco ++
Rigby +/-
Rolo Tomassi +/-
Casiokids +/-
Roosbeef eurosonic +
Lucky Fonz III eurosonic +
Guus Meeuwis ++
I Kissed Charles –
Kyteman +
Lucky Fonz III +/-
King Jack –
2562 +/-
Ziggi ++
Face Tomorrow –
Giants of Husavik +/-
Gomer Pyle +/-
Elle Bandita ++
grtz, Tom

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