Finally for download: Blafkat 7″

Back in 1982, in the haydays of Dutch punk, with bands such as Larm, BGK and Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, there was one obscure band that stood out by it’s brilliant name. This band is of course Blafkat. One of the original members of Blafkat has uploaded their one and only 7″ called Lubber Crisis Cabinet. It has their hit singles Discoboer and Modepunk on it. Check it out here, it is priceless material. And free.


2 thoughts on “Finally for download: Blafkat 7″

  1. Ik vind de naam ‘Tedje en de Flikkers’ leuker, maar ik ben wel in voor een goede punknamenverkiezing. Dan wil ik ook LUL nomineren

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