Eriks final list of 2008

1. Flo-rida – Low
2. T.I featering Rihanna – Live your Life
3. Afrojack & Partysquad – Drop Down
4. James Morrison – You Make It Real
5. Colby Caillat – Bubbly
6. Alphabeat – Fascination
7. The Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008
8. Leona Lewis – Bleeding
9. Alain Clark – Father and Friend
10 De Welpies – Alle Welpies Helpen


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8 responses to “Eriks final list of 2008

  1. I only know De Welpies. Does that mean that I’m out of the loop?

  2. vince

    which erik is this, not ours I hope?

  3. Think somebody hacked Erik!

  4. yeah.. definately not me :p

  5. hey! I see marliesvanrandwijk as author😉

  6. Marlies

    oeps.. betrapt!🙂

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