Paradox ticket discount for Hexnut and Dimension X!

Yesterday, Dirk Serries played a brilliant show at the Paradox, as part of the Avontuurlijke Muziek concert series. Next 2 weeks, every wednesday, there will be 2 other great shows in Paradox. Upcoming wednesday ZXZW alumni Hexnut will play, and the week after, one of the worlds greatest free rock drummers, Chris Corsano, will play a show with Dimension X. Besides Corsano, also Zu’s bassplayer Maximo Pupillo is part of the trio, which is completed by guitarist David Chalmin.

The kind people of Paradox provided us with discount tickets for both shows. For both shows, you can buy 2 tickets for €10,- insted of the €16,- they would cost you normally.

Just sent an email to contest [at] zxzw [dot] nl if you are interested and we’ll make sure the tickets will be ready for you at the ticketcounter of Paradox!


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